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Deciding Between Invisalign and Braces? What You Need to Know

You're thinking about improving your smile and wonder, "Would braces or Invisalign be best for me?" How do you choose the right option? How do you find an Invisalign orthodontist near you?

The team at Mountain View Orthodontics in Roanoke, VA, is here to help answer those questions.We'll begin by explaining each alternative and then review their advantages and benefits.


The most common type of brace material is metal, usually stainless steel and sometimes a combination of stainless steel and titanium. Brackets, affixed to each tooth, form the brace structure. Metal wires placed between the brackets will move your teeth into proper alignment over time.

  • Advantages of Braces. Orthodontists in Roanoke continue to use metal braces because they're effective. For you, braces may be the right choice for the following reasons:

    • They stay in place. No need to worry about adding or removing braces after you begin treatment. Since braces are immovable, they make it easy to stick to your commitment to having a beautiful smile.

    • Results happen quickly. Most patients begin to see and feel their teeth start to shift relatively soon after the braces are applied.

    • 'Tough cases' get good results. Your orthodontist will evaluate the condition of your smile and recommend braces if your dental issues are complex.

    • One Watch Out! If you are active in contact sports, your orthodontist may suggest other options to minimize damage to your braces.


Invisalign relies on plastic aligner trays to gradually shift your teeth. Your Invisalign orthodontist in Roanoke, VA, will create a 3-D image of your mouth, then configure the BPA-free plastic trays to fit comfortably and correctly.

  • Advantages of Invisalign. Orthodontists began using Invisalign in the early 2000s. In the last two decades, more than 6 million people have watched their grin become great with the help of Invisalign orthodontists. Patient benefits include the following:

    • You can eat and drink without worry. Since the Invisalign trays are removable (and must be removed before eating), you can enjoy popcorn or chewy caramel without fear of breaking a metal wire or bracket.

    • Invisalign really is invisible (almost)! The alignment trays are made of clear plastic, making their appearance virtually undetectable.

    • Invisalign trays are comfortable and easy to clean. While you may experience mild discomfort as your teeth shift, you won't face mouth abrasion that metal brackets can cause. Trays are easily removed, brushed, and cleaned.

    • One Watch Out! If your treatment plan requires rotating teeth or adjusting the bite of your back teeth, Invisalign may not be an effective option for you.

Braces and Invisalign are both proven orthodontic treatments that produce excellent results. We encourage you to contact Mountain View Orthodontics in Roanoke, VA for a consultation about the option that's best for you.

We're an Invisalign orthodontist practice, meaning we've completed the training and certification process led by Align Technology. Our certification gives us the knowledge to diagnose and create fantastic smiles using Invisalign.

Ready to get started on your journey to a winning smile? Call Mountain View Orthodontics in Roanoke, VA to make your appointment today.


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