Surgical Orthodontics

xrayOrthognathic Surgery

Orthodontic problems involving severe jaw growth discrepancies can be corrected only after growth has been completed.  Sometimes the size of the upper and lower jaws do not match closely enough to allow for a satisfactory bite or meshing of the front or back teeth.  This can result in both functional as well as esthetic problems.  In these cases, the only way to achieve an ideal bite is to straighten the teeth and then perform surgery on the jaws to correct the growth concern.  The specific surgical procedure depends upon the unique nature of the growth problem.  A detailed clinical examination and analysis of diagnostic records will be made by the orthodontist and surgeon.  The diagnosis and comprehensive treatment recommendations will be presented to the patient in a joint meeting.  In most cases the patient will be able to view a computer-based surgical prediction of how the face might look following completion of treatments proposed by both surgical and orthodontic teams.