Laser Treatment

Our office offers laser treatment for multiple benefits for our orthodontic patients. These laser procedures are covered under most dental insurances.

Gemini Laser Marketing image

Bracket Placement

Removal of excess gum tissue to properly place the braces.

Series of photos showing how a laser is used to place orthodontic brackets on teeth in the proper location.

Gum Recontouring

Removal of excess gum tissue to achieve a less gummy smile and/or a more esthetic smile design.

Series of images showing a gingevectomy/


Removal of thick gum tissue that usually exists between the two upper front teeth which cause a space.

Two images showing the gum before and after a frenectomy laser treatment.


Canine Impactions

Removal of tissue surrounding the impacted tooth to help bring it into the mouth and expedite the orthodontic treatment.

Images showing how a laser is used to remove excess tissue around the canine teeth.